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Myponga is located on the Fleurieu Peninsula about 30 minutes’ drive south of Adelaide city.

It is becoming an increasingly popular destination for daytrippers and has a growing population as city dwellers seek a tree change while still being located close to Adelaide’s attractions, medical facilities and shopping precincts.

The opening of the Myponga Reservoir for recreational use, including kayaking, has further increased its popularity for tourists. Other attractions include the Smiling Samoyed Brewery.

Myponga has a rich agricultural history including dairy farming and has become home to the rapidly growing Fleurieu Milk Company which supplies dairy products including milk, cream and yoghurt throughout South Australia.

Although there is a growing number of new estates opening up in Myponga, including new homes being built, many of the existing houses are old, including heritage farmhouses used by the pioneers of the region.

Building inspections by SC Building & Pest Inspections have shown a range of issues including salt damp and rising damp, termite infestation and dangerous electrical connections.

Often the older homes have been the subject of renovations which may or may not have been undertaken by licensed building contracts. These can have structural issues and can even leave the home prone to electrical fires as SC Building & Pest Inspections has seen electrical wires exposed to flammable materials as a result of renovations.

Asbestos is also another issue in the older homes.

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Myponga contact SC Building & Pest Inspections for a fixed price building inspection. We would also recommend you have a pest inspection undertaken at the same time, particularly as Myponga has many trees, including those that have been around for decades, which can be home to white ants.

Contact SC Building & Pest Inspections today on 0477 700 101.

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