Before you purchase a residential property you want to ensure you have all the information to make an informed decision. A detailed building inspection can provide critical information about the condition of the property, however it cannot detect traces of methamphetamine production and use. While a DIY kit can give you an indication of activity, professional screening is the only way to the gain detailed information that you require.

Methamphetamine testing is becoming essential for rental properties in Australia

It is expected that regular building inspections of rental properties take place. Methamphetamine testing for residue and activity should also be part of this inspection process.

It is essential to detect meth residue early to ensure any extensive damage to the property is prevented and decontamination can take place. Regular Methamphetamine testing also has the added benefit of deterring any tenants from establishing a meth lab in the first place.

Craig Foster, Owner/Inspector.

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Property managers
Real estate agents
Other professional entities


Property owners|
Private investors
Concerned parents & tenants

Insurance companies
Local councils
Financial institutions
Private & public housing

Protect the public and property with Methamphetamine testing

Methamphetamine production and use has become a serious issue in Australia. It destroys families as well as homes. Property owners can protect themselves and the lives of others by having thorough Methamphetamine screening conducted by a professional like SC Building Inspections.

For ways to protect yourself from methamphetamine production

Screen rental properties on a regular basis
Regular methamphetamine screening is the best way to prevent financial loss on a property due to property damage caused by meth production. It also discourages would be tenants from attempting to make meth on the property to begin with.
Meth test between tenants

Methamphetamine inspections between tenants ensures you are providing a safe home free of health problems for your next occupants. This also safeguards you against any legal action from tenants.

Pre purchase testing

If you are buying an investment property or new place to live you want to ensure your making the right financial decision. By conducting a pre-purchase Methamphetamine residue test you can know of certain if any harmful meth use or manufacture has taken place.

Pre-sales Methamphetamine screening

The property you are selling may be in an area with a history of Methamphetamine production. By having a pre sale meth screening you can advertise to buyers of your properties Methamphetamine free status creating another selling point.

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