Before you purchase a residential property you want to ensure you have all the information to make an informed decision. A detailed building inspection can provide critical information about the condition of the property, however it cannot detect traces of methamphetamine production and use. While a DIY kit can give you an indication of activity, professional screening is the only way to the gain detailed information that you require.

Methamphetamine testing is becoming essential for rental properties in Australia

It is expected that regular building inspections of rental properties take place. Methamphetamine testing for residue and activity should also be part of this inspection process.

It is essential to detect meth residue early to ensure any extensive damage to the property is prevented and decontamination can take place. Regular Methamphetamine testing also has the added benefit of deterring any tenants from establishing a meth lab in the first place.

Craig Foster, Owner/Inspector.

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Protect the public and property with Methamphetamine testing

Methamphetamine production and use has become a serious issue in Australia. It destroys families as well as homes. Property owners can protect themselves and the lives of others by having thorough Methamphetamine screening conducted by a professional like Smart Choice Building & Pest Inspections.

For ways to protect yourself from methamphetamine production

Why do I need to get a methamphetamine screening conducted?

The rising use and manufacture of methamphetamine in residential areas means it’s no longer always obvious where it is taking place. Once the realm of the rougher suburbs, today meth labs are being seen in affluent suburbs too. Unless they leave behind utensils or leave the property suddenly to the naked eye there may be no signs that the property has been previously occupied by a drug manufacturer or user.

Smart Choice Building & Pest Inspections doesn’t just do a visual check of the property, including close inspection of drains and roof cavities, we also use a variety of meters and test kits to check your home for traces of the harmful chemical residues that remain after drugs are either smoked or manufactured within the premises. We check for the residues that you can’t see, but that remain to cause health issues for the unsuspecting occupants.

Why should I get my property screened for methamphetamine?
The chemical residues left from drug manufacturing and use through smoking are potentially carcinogenic (cancer causing) and can also result in serious respiratory (breathing) health issues too. Many of the chemical components were not intended to be used for the processes involved in drug production or use. To have a property cleaned thoroughly after being occupied by meth users or manufacturers can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Landlords need to also consider their legal risk associated with tenanting a property where methamphetamine residues are found. Tenants have been known to take legal action against a landlord for health issues associated with their exposure to a house where methamphetamine residues were present.

What properties should be screened and how often?

Rental: If you own a rental property Smart Choice Building & Pest Inspections recommends you have regular methamphetamine screening conducted while the property is tenanted. If you make it clear before the lease is signed that you will be testing it is likely to discourage would-be tenants from considering your property. Regular testing would also discourage existing tenants from using your property to use or make drugs too.

Pre-Purchase: If you’re thinking about purchasing a property we’d recommend you consider a pre-purchase methamphetamine screening too. You may think you’re purchasing in an affluent suburb, but no areas are immune to drug use and manufacture. Whether you’re buying a home to live in or to use as an investment and rental property, a methamphetamine screening makes sense.

Pre-Sale: Before you put your property on the market book a pre-sale methamphetamine screening. Imagine the value you can add to the property if you’re able to show a potential purchaser a clean bill of health. You could even advertise it as being free of methamphetamine residue.

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