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Seaford, Seaford Meadows and Seaford Rise are located in Adelaide’s Southern Suburbs and are among the newer suburbs within the City of Onkaparinga boundaries.

Each of the suburbs has a rapidly growing population and increasingly dense housing is planned for the future.

Seaford is the start of the railway line to Adelaide and also boasts metropolitan bus services too.

It boasts a wide array of shopping facilities including small boutique businesses through to large retail chains.

The demographic tends to be young families, so there are education facilities to meet their needs too.

The housing within Seaford tends to be relatively new, but don’t think this means they’re free from structural issues. Many cheaper project home builders have been known to cut corners to keep costs low, and some of these builders are no longer in business too.

At SC Building & Pest Inspections we carry out thorough inspections of buildings, no matter their age. Our inspections look at the roof, under the floor and within the ceiling, as well as check out the risks outside the house too. Unlike many home purchasers, we don’t just do a visual check, we also have equipment such as moisture gauges to assess other potential problems before you purchase a home.

As with most towns and suburbs in Australia, Seaford, Seaford Meadows and Seaford Rise aren’t immune to drug problems too. SC Building & Pest Inspections can carry out comprehensive methamphetamine residue testing in your home either to check for tenant activity or to ensure your new home is free from dangerous residues left behind from drug manufacturing and smoking.

If you would like a building inspection, pest inspection or methamphetamine drug residue test contact SC Building & Pest Inspections today on 0477 700 101.

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